17 October, 2007

Elemental Clown Theatre

Deirdre Siobhan Goodman -- Character Clown
Born in New York, Deirdre studied at the Freie Kleintheater Schule, Stuttgart, Germany under Clown Nögge and at the Röthel Theatre School in Hamburg. Deirdre has developed a unique method for training hospital clowns, is the artistic director for Clownsnasen Klinikclowns in Leipzig, Germany, performs as a clown in hospitals and geriatric clinics. She works with doctors, therapists, teachers and in businesses and theatres as a trainer and coach. Deirdre also directs and coaches clowns and singers and has her own repertoire of performances, combining a unique style of innocent comedy with music.


Trapped inside, due to bad weather, Milly tries to bake

a loaf of bread. Instead of avoiding the elements, she
finds herself confronted by all four, each tickling
out a different side of her. Through adventures and music,
magic and wonder, Milly dives into chaos to discover
unexpected art forms and warms the cockles of her
audiences’ heart.

Interval clown performances for
music festivals and concerts

For walk acts, festivals, comedy waiting etc


Rejuvenation For Professional Performers
Using simple exercises, games and improvisations we set out on an adventure in search of our heart, the well spring of all clowns energy. Sense awareness, stage presence, authenticity, performing without the “fourth wall” and ensemble strengthening are among the
goals of this workshop.
The Clown Replenishing the Healer
For people in therapeutics. How can I give without becoming empty? How can I trust my inner fire without burning out? How can I protect myself without closing myself off? Drama exercises, games and improvised scenes to strengthen sense perception, spontaneity, inner calm, humour, courage and creativity.
Four Temperaments for Teachers and Businesses
A fun, humorous introduction which will open doors.
Choleric! Bullying or Assertive?
Sanguine! Scattered or Versatile?
Phlegmatic! Lazy or Patient?
Melancholic! Depressed or Caring?
We all have the four temperaments (connected to the four elements fire, air, water, earth). How do they express themselves in each of us individually and how can we learn to draw from each source when needed?

Clown Introduction Workshops for Adults and Children
Tailored to individual needs.

For fees and booking, please contact: Deirdre Siobhan Goodman missmillymurphy@yashoo.co.uk
c/o Murphy ,
Cooleen, Dingle
County Kerry, Ireland
+353 (0) 669150874

Cöthnerstr. 56
04155 Leipzig,
+49 (0) 341 5614480

We, the wise, foolish, heart-centred clowns,
stumble and fall into healing
as if by accident.
The “failure” side of us holds the key
to self recognition
and to the unfolding of our greatest potential.
We are knights in shining Amor, fighting fear
with warmth, courage, hope and humour.

(a riddle!)
If it’s not in my boots
Or in my mouth,
It hangs on my sleeve;
It is the target
At which cupid shoots;
It gets crossed,
Stolen, given away,
Left behind and lost;
It can be true, false, cold, warm,
Light, heavy,
Faint or feeble,
Full or free;
It is at the centre of matter,
Has cockles and strings to pull;
It can be bitter, sweet,
Half or whole
And lonely;
It is the tool for learning things,
The bible that you place your hand on
When you promise I’m your one and only;
It swells, melts, sinks, aches,
Bleeds, breaks,
Or, suddenly stands still;
He aims for it who aims to kill;
It is always where the home is,
Where I am and want to be,
And you, dear friend,
You have the

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